Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Must Read: The Parisitocracy

Oh wow.

This is a BEAUTY. 

You must read the whole article.

This guy wins the internet today.


"A subculture of ne'er-do-wells, embittered control freaks, and glorified thugs, born in an atmosphere of great civilizational promise and upheaval, has, thanks to the unifying influence of subversive theorists and conscienceless politicians, transformed itself into today's "superstructure."

"This ruling philosophy's defining goal, namely the overturning of every great victory of Western civilization in favor of its opposite, is nearly realized.  Rationalism and the primacy of the individual soul have been discredited in favor of the German idealist dream of collective consciousness, leading to historical determinism and the belittlement of free will."

"Liberty based on a right to property rooted in self-ownership has evaporated in favor of coerced redistribution of every kind, right down to the redistribution of physical preservation, in the form of socialized medicine."

"Moral virtue as the practical means of living according to our nature has been laughed out of existence in favor of the subjectivist tyranny of desires unhinged from rational guidance. "

"Personal effort applied, and success achieved, without the helping hand of government -- the underlying premise of all of mankind's attempts to establish practical and spiritual freedom on Earth -- is so thoroughly antithetical to the spirit of the times that the leader of the so-called "free world" casually mocks such effort and success as a foolish delusion: "You didn't build that."