Sunday, October 13, 2013

My Idiot People-The Jews Who Hurt Israel

There are plenty of idiot Jews out there.

One would think and hope that those working for Israel's security establishment would have a firm grip on the reality of jihad-but if one hoped that, one would be often wrong.

In this piece: Israel's Blind Watchmen, Caroline Glick details the willful blindness of the leftists and utopians in the IDF brass who are failing Israel. 

Then, as if on cue: Israeli officials estimate Jordan Valley murder not a terrorist attack-but criminal. 

Right, a Jew gets bludgeoned to death by axe-weilding Palestinians and it was criminally motivated.

I guess Allahu Akbar really means-where is the jewellery?

Where is the Jewish left now?

Too busy with their J-Space conference post-mortem I guess to comment.