Friday, October 18, 2013

That Stuff About the Noahide Laws That I Mentioned A Couple of Weeks Ago

Remember when I went on about Noah and the Torah portion and the great newsletter that I was reading on that Shabbat?

Well, I finally found it on line and wanted to bring that specific message to your attention, and recommend that you read this newsletter if you want more great nuggets about Judaism and monotheism from a Chabad perspective. 

There are always wonderful stories in these newsletters so Kol Hakavod to the folks who put it together every week.

But here is the bit about Noah, and the Noahide laws that I specifically want you to read:

By Rabbi Shmuel M. Butman

"This week's Torah portion is Noach. Therefore, this is the perfect opportunity to consider the implications of the Rebbe's campaign to disseminate, among non-Jews, the knowledge and observance of the Seven Noachide Laws."

"The nations of the world were given a Divine code of conduct, the Seven Noachide Laws, which consist of six prohibitions against murder, robbery, idolatry, adultery, blasphemy, cruelty to animals - and one positive command, to establish a judicial system."

"The Rebbe has encouraged his emissaries around the world to meet with government officials and heads of state to sign proclamations encouraging the study and observance of the Seven Noachide laws."

"The Rambam (Rabbi Moses Maimonides) states that an important part of the Jew's task is to see to it that all people, not just Jews, acknowledge G-d as Creator and Ruler of the world and to therefore conduct themselves according to the Seven Noachide Laws. Each and every Jew has an important role to play in this task. But how can this be accomplished?"

"When a Jew conducts himself properly in all areas of his life - business, recreation, family, and religious - he will automatically influence the people around him. When the nations of the world see Jews acknowledging G-d as Ruler of the world, through prayer and by following His commandments, they, too, will come to realize the importance and truth of G-d's omnipotence."