Friday, October 4, 2013

Two Philosemitic Gentile Women for the Price of One!

Seeeeekrit Jooooooo Kathy Draidle finds awesome Julie Burchill linky!!!!

"These days the Jew-baiters wear left-wing drag and pretend to care about Third World rights — but they are still the same old Jew-haters, just with a fresh’n’funky style-up"

"They love to drape themselves in the keffiyeh scarf — “a fetish”, my comrade Ben Marshall told me, that “the feminist Oriana Fallaci compared to Nazis draping themselves with the swastika — I assume it provides a similar sexual thrill.”

"Exotic drapes aside, it’s interesting that whereas our side is so very varied, their side is so white and middle-class."