Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Why Lefist Jews Define Themselves By The Holocaust

Great column here by Caroline Glick, in which she discusses some of the Pew research on American Jews. 

Not surprisingly, the more observant Jews are, the less likely they are to define themselves by the Holocaust.

In other words, the less *actually* Jewish one is, the more likely it is that one will be obsessed by the Holocaust, and have a new kind of religion that Kathy Shaidle has termed "Holocaustianity".


"Jews who have learned the Bible know their history did not start in 1933."

"They know that the Jewish story is the story of a people that believes so strongly in its mission to bring the liberating idea of personal responsibility to choose good and life over evil and death that it refused to surrender to its oppressors."

"The Jewish drama, as set out in the Bible, is the story of a nation that from the outset and until the present day chooses freedom over submission, while maintaining allegiance to a sacred trust, and an ancient people and a promised land."

"When you understand this, remaining Jewish is a privilege, not a sacrifice."

"And, alas, when you fail to understand this, leaving Judaism not a tragedy but simply a natural progression."

And, I would add, the natural progression is to become "progressive" and replace the religion of Judaism with the Religion of Liberalism.