Tuesday, December 10, 2013

An Israeli To Watch: Yoaz Hendel "Reclaims" The Centre

I rather like the cut of his jib!

Seriously-what's not to like?

Zionist, warrior, smart, history geek, stellar academic credentials. Good stuff.

Hmm....still reading...re-framing questions, this is an excellent strategy. Make people think-like this also.

Took a peek at their web site.

Some good content, some excellent people (love Moshe Arens for example) but the web site is really, really ugly and not very impressive. It needs a major facelift, it looks really dated. The Hebrew site is not any better.

Hello Institute for Zionist Strategies?

There are lots of Zionists out there, with a lot of energy and contacts.

Your site, and therefore-your mission is really not "out there". 

Seriously, re-think your web presence!   Twitter is your friend!

You're welcome.