Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Why Do American Educators Hate Children And Torment Them?

Further to Mark Steyn's Corner post on the men who should never be allowed near children, another disgusting episode in America.

Behold: A six year old boy, accused of "sexual harassment" in Colorado, for kissing the cheek of a fellow school mate-SUSPENDED from school.

Why are parents allowing their children any contact with these mental cases?

Pull your kids out-home school them and sue the school boards for allowing clearly mentally disturbed adults near your children.

You know, if he had kissed a boy, they would probably be waving the rainbow flag around and celebrating sexual diversity.

America, I love you but your public schools are full of lunatics.

Parents-why are you letting mentally ill adults destroy your children? 

Parents need to stand up to the lunacy and bullying. 

Parents need to stand up to the systemic and epidemic p*ssification of boys.

Just because someone is called an "educator" that doesn't mean he or she is mentally sound.