Thursday, December 5, 2013

Bruce Bawer: The Heretic Versus The Entire Dutch Academy

This is totally delicious. 

See, this is what happens first of all when people, you know, READ BOOKS. 

And this is what happens when people choose not to shuffle along like sheep, nodding in agreement with boring, contrived and politically correct stupidity and intoxicating platitudes.

"Meet Yernaz Ramautarsing. Born in the former Dutch colony of Surinam in 1987, he was raised in Amsterdam – and grew up into a political junkie and a solid left-winger. “I was terribly left-wing,” he told me the other day. “Intoxicated by the Cuban Revolution. I always said I wanted to be president of Surinam.”

"Last week was a big one for Yernaz and his Facebook page. After De Volkskrant ran a piece about it on Thursday, Yernaz was invited to appear that evening on a popular national TV discussion program. He ended up making a fool out of a fellow guest, legendary Dutch entertainer Freek de Jonge – a smug lefty of a certain age who is used to having his opinions applauded, not challenged. (Think Barbra Streisand.) De Jonge, who oozed confidence at the outset of the exchange, plainly thought he could dismiss Yernaz with a couple of snotty putdowns; instead, he ended up being handily dispatched by the young upstart. Indeed, De Jonge revealed himself – or, rather, Yernaz revealed De Jonge – to be one of those proudly outspoken lockstep leftists who are so accustomed to being agreed with that, when actually challenged, they prove utterly incapable of defending their views."

"Anyway, it was a remarkable spectacle – David slaying Goliath. Overnight, Yernaz became a hero to a whole big swath of politically incorrect Dutchmen."

One person can make a difference.

Individuals always have.

The responsibility is great-not everyone is up for the challenge.  It's exhausting.

But it is certainly worth it.

Don't get discouraged! 

You know who you are! 

Read the whole thing!