Thursday, December 5, 2013

NYC Councilwoman Explains "Knockout" Assaults: The Problem is Those Rich Joooooooos Or Something

Always the JOOOOOOOS. 

Never their own fault or problem. Never their own crappy choices or behaviour. Never their fault.

There is a BIG PROBLEM brewing in New York City.

And it's going to get worse. It's going to get a lot worse, and there will a lot more scapegoating of Jews by African Americans.

So while the epidemic of single parenthood kills black families that survive the incessant abortion of black and minority babies, while the gangs continue to deal and take drugs and kill and assault-yes, just continue to blame the Jews.

But know this: the Jews will continue to thrive and keep our families together despite it all. We will raise our kids Jewish and we will be watching out for anyone who tries to hurt us.

Last night at a family Chanukah dinner I was chatting with one of the guests. A Scottish Jew as it happens. A real renaissance guy and a tough guy. He owns ten shotguns and two pistols.

He met a guy at the range a few years ago, and now they are buddies. A German guy. Our guest said to the German guy (who was about the same age)-you know I'm Jewish.

The guy said "no, you're kidding" jokingly. Then he asked, how come you're into shooting?

Our guest said "my mother-in-law was put into a boxcar and sent to Auschwitz".

"I'm not getting in a boxcar."