Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Daniel Greenfield: Civilization and the Knockout Game

An excellent summary, getting to the real point. 

"Civilization is not instinctive. It doesn’t come packaged in our DNA. It doesn’t even come from schools or books. It has to come from the defining human institution; the family."

"Where there is no family, men and women wear the coat of civilization loosely and cast it aside easily. They treat violence and sexuality with the casualness that those outside civilization do. It is the family that civilizes violence and sexuality by endowing it with civilizational meaning. Without it, all that’s left are dark streets, single mothers, male wolf packs and Knockout games."

Related: Kathy Shaidle notes that a black CNN personality was more worried about black hurt feelings than white hurt faces (and bodies, I would add). 

Denial is deep.