Monday, December 2, 2013

Must Read: Obama Reaches Highest Office in Country Without Having to Achieve Anything

This is an excellent article-read the whole thing. 

This line is a killer summary of President Obama:

"He has advanced to the highest position in government without having demonstrated the ability to get results." 

That is the current state of affairs in America.

"He is the product, as the Hoover Institution's Peter Berkowitz writes, “of the same progressive version of higher education that simultaneously excises politics from the study of government and public policy while politicizing education."

This higher education,” Berkowitz continues, “denigrates experience; exalts rational administration; reveres abstract moral reasoning; confidently counts on the mainstream press to play for the progressive political team; accords to words fabulous abilities to remake reality; and believes itself to speak for the people while haughtily despising their way of life.”

"Or to put it more pithily, Obama knows how to use words good. But he doesn’t seem to understand how the world works."


“We’re also discovering,” he said at that press conference, “that insurance is complicated to buy.”