Thursday, January 23, 2014

An Update From Mark Steyn on Mann Vs. Steyn

Very disturbing. 

I always say, not every story has a "silver lining". Some things are just crap-pure unadulterated crap.

But in this case, despite the emotional, professional and financial toll on Mark Steyn I still envision one sliver of a sliver lining: discovery. 

So the bad news is the Happy Warrior must face a battle that is much bigger than the previous battle for Free Speech in Canada, which resulted in legislative changes and the funeral or Section 13.

As Steyn notes:

"The "chilling effect" is a bigger threat to civilized society than all Dr Mann's warming."

The good news is that Climate Change and libel lawfare is on trial and that Mark Steyn is a formidable warrior.

He notes:

"I'm not the first to discover too late that the American court system is no place for wee unsuspecting foreigners. Although I was the only one on the NR side who's actually won a free-speech battle (and so decisively that the law was eventually repealed), I was prevailed upon through the course of last year to leave it to the experts. The result is that we blew through half a million bucks, and have nothing to show for it - other than what even Judge Weisberg calls a "convoluted procedural history" that utterly buried the real issues at the heart of the case."

"The lesson of the last year is that you win a free-speech case not by adopting a don't-rock-the-boat, keep-mum, narrow procedural posture but by fighting it in the open, in the bracing air and cleansing sunlight of truth and justice."