Saturday, January 25, 2014

Mark Steyn: SLAPPstick Farce

A most excellent update from the Happy Warrior himself. 

Pity that the NRO completely and utterly pussied out on Steyn. A real pity.

Inevitably there will be a great many people who will want to bask in the free speech afterglow when Mark Steyn kicks ass royally and totally.

As Steyn notes:

"Up north, following a similar SLAPP suit from the Canadian Islamic Congress, my publisher Maclean's, who are far less ideologically simpatico to me than NR, nevertheless understood the stakes — and helped get a disgusting law with a 100 percent conviction rate first stayed by a hitherto jelly-spined jurist and ultimately repealed by the Parliament of Canada. This too is a free-speech case. Free speech is about the right to thrash out ideas — on climate change, gay marriage, or anything else — in the public square, in bright sunlight. And you win a free-speech case by shining that sunlight on it, relentlessly. As we embark on our second year in the hell of the D.C. court system, that's what I intend to do."

It is also a pity that moronic lefties do not understand what is at stake but at least they will have to eat their words, hopefully in the near future. They do not get that Steyn is fighting this fight for them as well. For their right to call him wacky and whatnot in print or on the Internet without being sued for hurting his feelings.


Unfortunately, extreme liberalism is terribly damaging to the human brain and it's usually irreversible.

Ain't no bariatric chamber treatment to fix these disgusting, extremist liberal brains.

So Mark Steyn is representing himself.

I for one, welcome our new Happy Warrior Legal Eagle Overlord. 

I swear Mark Steyn has a set of the biggest stones on this entire, freaking continent.

(As Draidle would say "How does he walk?!??!!")

I'm sure he'll not only sound great, and make sensible, irrefutable arguments, but he'll look great as well-and ISN'T THAT THE MAIN THING?

You know, bespoke suits and nice pocket squares, clothes do make the man, British accent, etc...



So here's the thing:

I stand with Mark Steyn.

KPO, Mark Steyn! KPO!

(Churchill: Keep Plodding On!)