Tuesday, January 28, 2014

SteynSpotting!! Mark Steyn Live in Leather Chaps in Ottawa!

A little bird tells me that Mark Steyn is going to be appearing at the 2014 Manning Networking Conference. 


Sorry. I messed that up!


Mark Steyn will not *actually* be appearing in leather pants with cutaway buttocks.

He merely danced on stage WITH some actor person who was in leather pants with cutaway buttocks some time ago in Britain (you know that place that is well and royally SCREWED because of their quaint demographic "issues", and may be the first Islamic republic in Europe).

Sorry, sorry!!

I must have completely misread that part of the SteynPost-I don't know what I was thinking.

Hey, that was really weird, I cannot imagine how I misread that... except umm...OK is it just me or  has anyone noticed that IT GOT VERY HOT IN HERE ALL OF THE SUDDEN?

*fans self*

I mean seriously!

For real and not for joking, one sunny -20 Celsius "Polar Vortex" winter day in Canada, you're reading some innocent "rah rah free speech" thingy on Steyn's web site as conservative, Zionist Jewish mothers like myself are wont to do, and then it talks about leather and tushies and Steyn dancing on stage and SORRY WHERE WERE WE????


Well anyhoo, this Manning event is apparently a conservative networkapalooza and whatnot! 

Ooh-Allah-La indeed.

So I'll see your "Ooh-Allah-La", Mr. Steyn and raise you a STEYN AKBAR, PBUH, ULULULULULULU! 

So there.

Now, either the Manning folks have their fair share of obnoxious uppity, unrepentantly right-wing, perky, suburban, conservative, blonde, Zionist, Jewish mom blogger, published author speakers or perhaps they have, ahem, misplaced my invitation??


You must see Steyn live because this is the guy who is going to make Michael Mann rue, yes that's right RUE THE DAY that he dragged the Happy Warrior into court.

I cannot wait for the Day of Rue!

Now, all of you get back to your regularly scheduled programming. 

Go on!

Yes you.


You're still here!

I see you.

Now git!

Shalom y'all and peace out!