Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Who Are Your Davids?

Of course everyone knows the story of David versus Goliath. 

Small, plucky little  David had his slingshot and faced off against Goliath, a mammoth monster of a creature. The monster laughs at the uppity little Jew, the tiny little underdog with the over abundance of chutzpah.

They said it couldn't be done! David was too small, too weak.

But David, of course, had the strength of his faith and convictions, and was serving a greater cause, he served the G-d of Israel so he had no fear.

"Not by strength, not by might, but with My spirit," says the Lord of Hosts." (Zechariah 4:6) 

Who are your Davids? 

Do you have any Davids in your life? 

I sure do. 

Aside from some in my very own family, I want to tell you about two Davids that I admire, who are fighting big fights right now as we speak. 

Goliath is here with us again. Goliath didn't really die that day. Goliath is rearing his despicable head again, this time reincarnated as the thuggish, bully left that wishes to destroy freedom and crush personal liberty wherever it can. 

I want to tell you about two Davids that you need to get to know and think about.  Then won't you please think about your role in the battle and how you can help fight the fight?  

You know who David is? 

David is Pam Harris of Illinois. 

Today, the Supreme Court of the United States of America is hearing Harris vs Quinn. 

Read here, here, here, here and here

Pam is my friend and our kids have the same, rare, genetic syndrome. 

We are mamma bears. 

We will attack and maim anyone who tries to hurt our young. 

Pam is my David.

Do you know who Goliath is? 

Meet Goliath, the despicable coalition of public union thugs who want to take a cut of the measly subsistence allocation made to caregivers of disabled and infirm family members. This is a cash crab for grubby unions. 

You know who David is? 

David is Mark Steyn, who is being dragged through the American court system by non-Nobel laureate Michael Mann.

Goliath is the entire "climate change" industry, and the rag-tag coalition of totalitarian, power hungry masses who wish to censor speech and thought throughout the free world. 

The exquisitely sensitive, emotionally vulnerable and fragile, "climate change" Goliath wants Steyn spliced and diced, bankrupt and "shut-upt". 

The process is punishing this David, the process is meant to crush the spirit, the checking account, destroy relationships, decimate joy, wreck professional careers and generally put people out of business mentally and financially.  

Mark Steyn is my David.

Who are your Davids? 

What will you do to support the Davids in your life? 

Won't you please talk about these battles, spread the word, write a few letters, show up, stand up and read some Psalms?

Will you please never ever shut up, never ever give up and never ever stop fighting?

Who are your Davids?