Thursday, January 30, 2014

Illinois SIEU: Making Millions Off of the Disabled

The case in front of the Supreme Court is Josh's only hope. 

If you think it is evil to take money away from disabled Americans, do something about it.

"No matter how you feel about unions or issues such as right to work, this is wrong. The unions went too far this time. Families caring for disabled relatives should not be forced to pay money to unions they don't want as a condition of receiving help from the state."

Meet Henry Bayer, union cretin:

"In the aftermath of the Supreme Court hearing, here is what AFSCME's Bayer had to say in response to a Chicago Tribune editorial in favor of Pam Harris: If you don't want to pay union dues, you shouldn't be eligible for state aid."

"Caring for the disabled is a state responsibility. ... Her attitude of entitlement is one I thought the Tribune rejected."


"In Bayer's world of forced unionization and forced union dues, a mother who wants to help her son without giving AFSCME a cut of the money is entitled? A mother who has dedicated her entire life to caring for her son, and whose benefit represents less than one-sixth of Bayer's salary, is entitled?"