Monday, January 27, 2014

The D'Souza Arrest: Obama Adopts Stalinesque Policies

A disgrace for America. 

Americans are being targeted, abused and punished for being ideological opponents of the President. No slight is too insignificant for this hyper-sensitive melagomaniac to ignore, so he uses the federally funded tools of the state, like the IRS to get at them.

In other words, my American friends-you are paying for the pleasure of being punished and persecuted by your leader. 

The left is ignoring this. They think it can't happen to them. 

As Robert Spencer notes:

"Leftist pundits who are waving away concern over the arrest of D’Souza should bear in mind that the worm could turn. They could, for some reason or another, find themselves somewhere down the line opposing the Obama regime or some other presidency that apes Obama’s strategy."

Sounds eerily Soviet to me indeed.