Friday, January 31, 2014

The Rise of the Fun Police (The Fun Mutawa is Better In My Humble Opinion)

Alright people this is most excellent.

How did I miss this beauty previously???

The Fun Mutawa ® are EVERYWHERE.

This is sooooo awesome:

"In the world of the fun police, there’s never enough oppression to go around, and there are never enough deadly-serious labels—gay, straight, half-white, half-black, one-quarter Cambodian, three-quarters Asian transgender student-athlete, and on and on—with which to dissect various injustices."

"To the fun police, everything is political. Going to an art museum? Too bad—those old masters really excluded everyday women from their paintings, unless they happened to be everyday women who were also oppressed, and also naked. Going to an awards show? There will certainly be some demographic not well represented—or, even worse, there might also be an excruciatingly terrible rapper named Mackelmore who gets a Grammy because he happened to release a song about marriage equality in 2013, which has been recently declared “the gayest year ever.”

"The fun police are consumed with the trivial, but incredibly blasé about the momentous."