Friday, January 31, 2014

Catholic France, Adieu: Welcome, Islam

Ya habibi, demographics-zey are how you say, une bitch???

From the great Meotti, a wildly Steynian apocalyptic look at French demographics.

"France ceased to be "la lumiere du monde", a light unto the world, a long time ago. But it is also no more the “fille de Aînée l’Eglise”, the eldest and favorite daughter of the Church, as it once was defined. Catholic France is mortally dying, caught between two fires: state secularism and Islam."

"Demographically, Islam is the winner. The non- Muslim French are growing at a rate of 1.2 children for family, while Muslim families up to five times faster. In the last thirty years more mosques and prayer centers for Muslims have been built in France than all the Catholic churches built in the last century."

"Monsignor Vingt -Trois, Archbishop of Paris, said it well, “French villagers that every Sunday had the experience of a church now have a mass every two months in a church which is three quarters empty”.


"Conversions to Islam have doubled in the last twenty five years while old churches have been demolished."

Adieu,  la lumiere du monde. 

Say bonjour to your new Islamic overlords and bonne nuit to the Catholic republic.

La fille de Aînée l’Eglise shall hitherto be covered in a full body bag, converted, reverted, subjugated and relegated to the shadows.

Last Jews (and Christians) out of Europe, please hit the lights.