Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Another Delicious Victory For Team Steyn and Free Speech





One of the best headlines to a Steyn essay ever, ever, EVER EVAH EVAH was this:

"I hate to say I told you so. Actually I don't, I love it." 

I mean that is one freaking awesomely awesome moderately arousing inspiring line especially because of the subject matter-free speech.

So another victory for Team Free Speech, has just hit the wire, led by the Prophet Mark Steyn, PBUH.

And this-the "spokesgay".

OK that's a work of art.

You know, like a Klimt, or a Miró, or a Chagall-something modern that you can look at and enjoy for hours, not like being dragged down by ugly modern works that look like they were splashed on by toddlers, or silly sculptures or stupid goofy art "installations" whatever the f&ck that means to art weenies...OH BUT I DIGRESS. 

Here's the kicker, too:


"As I've said, my editor at National Review and apparently at The Orange County Register are no bloody use in these battles. Every time you allow the thought-enforcers to add the scalp of a Jeremy Irons or a Phil Robertson to their trophy room, you're licensing the next sacrificial victim. Enough."

Just make a vow to yourself, and your children that you will never be silenced, that you will never let the thought-enforcing, frothing masses dictate what you should think, say or joke about. If you do that, WE will win.

I'm just a mom, just a regular person, with a pretty small blog and a pretty small platform, but I refuse to submit.

Who are you out there?

Where are you reading this?

Are you refusing also?

Just by saying what you want, and making the jokes you want, you will set yourself free. You are in charge of your own personal liberty.

No government will "give back" to you what it has already taken, or what you actually are entitled to have in terms of personal and G-d given liberty in a free country. Just refuse to let anyone encroach upon your personal liberty.

Don't wait for a saviour, be inspired by others, but act on your own.

Take liberty back your own damned self in little steps, and then bigger ones. 

It's pretty simple stuff.

Speaking of which, given that the likelihood of me writing for National Review is slim to none, I can't help but wonder why the most prestigious "conservative" publication in America has an editor who writes like this.

Really, NRO?


You really can't find anyone else pounding the conservative pavement?

(*waves, bats eye lashes, drops right-wing Zionist, pro-American, pro-Western hankie on pavement*)

Did this stuff come out of the Thomas Friedman speech generator or what?

(And when I say "did this stuff come out of the Thomas Friedman speech generator or what", what I really mean is-'this stuff sucks dog balls' or as my people would call it: DRECK.)



(PS: Thank you for all your kind notes. Things are still pretty intense with family stuff, but I'll still try to blog when I can. Your good wishes and prayers are very much appreciated.)