Thursday, January 9, 2014

Is There Really an "Islamism"?

Barry Rubin is an exceptionally smart Jew.

He writes about strategic and middle eastern issues in a realistic, approachable and clear manner.

However, I feel like I have to break up with him for a bit.

I had to stop reading Daniel Pipes for the same reason. Heartache! 

This essay is called "You Still Don't Understand Islamism, Do You?".

The more gutsy thing would be to call it "You Still Don't Understand Islam, Do You?".

If you still don't understand why you should be writing about Islam, instead of this silly fluffy bunny, euphemistic, semantic silly infidel invented phrase called "Islamism" that "Islamists" themselves, in the flesh, do not recognize as a legitimate term, or as even existing, then you might know about it but you don't get it.