Tuesday, January 7, 2014

VDH At His Best on Liberalism: Must Read "Intelligent Populism Vs Mindless Progressivism"

Highly astute and worth reading every word. 

Best nugget:

"The result of cosmic disappointment in the ability of progressive politics to correct human disparities has given birth to the modern psychological disorder of elite liberalism, which is mostly about squaring the circle of maintaining privilege while deploring inequality. Say America is unfair ten times a day, and the BMW in the garage and the new putter are no longer sins."

And, a prescription:

"In response, we need to expose their hypocrisies and start worrying about a shrinking middle class that has been damaged by Obama-era elites."


"Almost every issue from fracking, gun control, illegal immigration and quantitative easing to Obamacare and cap and trade invites a populist critique. Yet so far the Republican establishment seems uninterested in making the case that the Democratic hierarchy is of, by, and for the elite."

"Liberals are funded and represented by the privileged in Wall Street, universities, entertainment, the media, politics, foundations, the arts, and government, and the inherited wealthy. They all have set the agenda for the nation, called it progressive, and then sought exemption by seeking more taxpayer money for entitlements to ensure the fealty of the poor."