Friday, May 30, 2014

American Priorities: Transgendered Medicare Patients Eligible For Mutilation Surgery.

This is what America can do ("yes, we can"). 

It can't, as Mark Steyn pointed out earlier today get the girls out of their Islamic hell hole prison (#BringBackOurBalls), it can't send troops into Benghazi ("Chris" was unavailable for comment as Hilary testified today), but it can send in special advisory people on gay issues to foreign countries, and it can't seem to do anything but kill veterans who loyally served their country, took an oath and swore to die for their country, who desperately need medical care.

It can send in SWAT teams to bomb toddlers in their cribs.

And I would add, it can't get ONE MEASLY marine out of a cruddy Mexican sh&thole jail.

This is a picture of America in decline.

A bloody, morally inverse mess.