Monday, May 26, 2014

"Hey Jason, How Do You Make a Fruit Cordial?" : NRO Readers Pile On, Vent and Express Steyn Longings


OK, I totally stole liberated that line from the comments.

(Just to refresh your memories.... and the snot-faced reply is here...)

This is a very strange offering from Jason Lee Steorts. 

If you recall, he was the editor at NRO who basically stuck it to Mark Steyn via a snooty, "up yours"  blog post directed towards TEH STEYN himself.

The bottom line was that post, coupled with a difference of opinion about their libel defense against Michael Mann, was that Steyn left NRO-he chose not to renew his contract.

It's very odd that NRO, which has some very good writers, would choose to continue to publish such rubbish.

This is another good comment: 

"The next time this Steorts person is featured as an author on NRO, I leave. You can enjoy having your fundraisers and trying desperately to get page views without my help."

Another one, this one a summary.

And the last word: 

"Sometime during your journey through life, Jason, somebody told you that you can write. That somebody was spectacularly wrong."

"If it weren't for the passive voice, you'd have no voice at all. You took ten long paragraphs to say that freedom of speech shouldn't destroy all standards of civility, a point nobody would dispute. You seem to be defending some particular standard of civility, but you never do much more than hint at what that standard might be."

"Taking this piece in combination with the ridiculous hissy fit you pitched about Mark Steyn's last contribution to NRO, it seems you're defending a peculiarly prissy, humorless standard."