Tuesday, May 20, 2014

THIS!!! Finally, a Children of Holocaust Survivors Group I Can Get Behind ("No Cattle Car For Me")

In Los Angeles, a new group has started for children of Holocaust survivors.

("Second Generation")

It's a shooting and gun training club. 

“We talk about defending ourselves, but we have to do something aside from sharing email articles,” Montrose said.

"Gelbman — a strapping 6-foot-3-inch grandson of survivors who has served as a bodyguard for Britney Spears (“Never again,” he vows) and run for Congress from Texas (he lost) – began by running through safety instructions. He taught the handgun technique used by the IDF: square feet, square shoulders, both eyes open."
When the Muslims say they want to kill us and drive us into the sea, I believe them,” said David Sievers, a retired cancer surgeon and reserve sheriff’s deputy who turns out to be a crack shot.
“No cattle car for me,” Montrose quips after one good round of shooting.