Friday, May 30, 2014

OMG America!! Disarm Your Digusting Over Zealous Militarized Police-Toddler in Coma After SWAT Team Raids UPDATE: Soldier With PTSD Killed By Swat TeamHouse and Throws Grenade into Crib

Almost too upset to comment. 

Good Lord.

When will this end? 

America, I do love you but your police are out of control, terrorizing the citizenry.

This cannot continue to happen in a democracy. 

There are too many ridiculously over-armed bureaucrats in America.

When state police kill citizens, and lob grenades into cribs, injuring toddlers into comas-that is the end of democracy.

It is the end of civilization. 

There are too many paper-pushing little chieftains with their own personal SWAT teams and armies.

This is beyond disgraceful.

Why does it take a Canadian blogger to post a British newspaper reporting on this American travesty?

That is part of the problem!

No outrage. Just apathy.

For shame.

Pray for this family and the little baby.


Soldier with PTSD killed by SWAT Team. 

Or as Instapundit put it "welcome to government health care"