Friday, May 16, 2014

American Priorities: A View From Steyn and Tammy Bruce

Mark Steyn was speaking with Hugh Hewitt yesterday about the (current) VA hospital scandal. 

Apparently, President nobody-is-madder-about-this-than-me Obama is really upset about this.

I mean, like REALLY upset.

He was really mad about it when he found out about it from the newspaper reports, just like you!

He hadn't heard of any problem before then, but believe me he is so, so, for sure, totally mad about it now.

Those meanwiches at the VA hospitals! Those stinkburgers!

Seriously, #NobodyIsMadderThanHim

Do read the whole thing, or listen to the audio. This is a very salient point: 

" is disturbing to me that America's veterans are regarded by the system as charity cases. The yellow-ribbon thing seems to feed into that, as if veterans are people you should feel sorry for, like starving Third World orphans. There's something psychologically unhealthy about thinking of your warrior class like this."

Systems are evil.

Evil is psychologically unhealthy.

Across America (California I believe), Tammy Bruce had an excellent column in the Washington Times where she notes that some veterans are getting first class treatment out of the beleaguered VA system. 

She notes:

"If there’s anyone who deserves free health care, it’s our veterans, who risk their lives in theaters of war. In our volunteer military, they are the heroes who freely agree to give everything, perhaps even their lives, to protect our nation, our future and liberty around the world."

"Yet, when they return home and need us, our government employees throw them into a machine that not only doesn’t give a darn, but uses them as a pawns in a vile effort to get cash for themselves.
It’s monstrous, and not surprising. We’ve now seen this heinous disregard for the individual at every level of the federal government."

"We shouldn’t be surprised that the almost sociopathic attitude on display everyday by the Obama administration is infecting the federal system as a whole."

"Strangely, if we turn from veterans to traitors, however, we learn just how much the bureaucracy can make happen in the name of health care."

"Politico reports the Pentagon has approved convicted traitor Bradley Manning for transfer from prison at Fort Leavenworth, Kan., to a civilian prison so he can receive “gender treatment.”

So there's that.