Friday, May 30, 2014

Homeland Security in Haverford, PA. America, I Love You But Your Paramilitarized Police Are Out of Control

This is what I mean. 

To serve and protect? Or blow the living crap out of any moving target?

This is the new "SWAT 1 Crimefighting Vehicle". 

Feel safer now?


"SWAT ONE can carry up to 10 people, and has night-vision optics, a gas-injection system and a battering ram. It can withstand hits from a .50-caliber projectile, the District Attorney's Office said."

“We now have the ability to protect our police officers as they approach homes, businesses and schools while taking direct fire,” said District Attorney Jack Whelan.

“SWAT ONE can deploy officers quickly and also retrieve injured persons and move them to safety. It enhances our ability to respond to urgent situations and has an integral role in enhancing the county’s comprehensive homeland security arsenal.”

"The vehicle will be available to all 39 of Delaware County's municipalities should the need arise, the District Attorney's Office said."

Hello America?!?!

This is not a police force, it's a bloody army and the guns are being turned against you.