Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Gazillion Dollar President and His Toys: Meet the New Imperial Marine One Helicopters UPDATED: "Lord Obama" By VDH

No sum too much for the Gazillion Trillion Eventy Bazillion Dollar Imperial President. 

"Exactly what the VH92 will be like is highly classified, but industry opinion about the previous replacement program indicates that it will have greater range than existing Marine One helicopters, and carry up to 14 passengers and thousands of pounds of cargo. It will also be specially hardened against electromagnetic pulses, carry encrypted communications and video conferencing gear, and be able to jam radar and deploy countermeasures against anti-aircraft missiles, though the combat and communications capabilities may be scaled back to control costs."


"The initial US$1.24 billion contract is for six S-92 helicopters and two trainer simulators for the US Marine Corps as part of a development and conversion program that will see a fleet of 21 aircraft built for presidential use by 2023."

(Remember, this is the 'scaled back' version.)

Via Instapundit. 

Oooooh an excellent UPDATE:

"Lord Obama" by Victor Davis Hanson.