Friday, May 23, 2014

No Go Zones for Jews on American College Campuses: DePaul University Edition

I urge you to watch the videos at this link.

And as I have said before, antisemitism leads to lawlessness and violence and intimidation that starts with Jews never ends with Jews. 

Caroline Glick had an excellent column on this as well not long ago. 

Perhaps you would like to re-read "Brownshirts On The March".

Where are the Jewish "leaders" of Chicago? Of America?

(Don't answer that-I know, they are still huddling outside the back door of the White House trying to get into the last White House Seder or Chanukah party....)

Jewish students no longer feel safe on American college campuses.

And when I say "safe", I'm not referring to all those sucky, wimptastic,"safe space" campaigns that mean nothing but totalitarian shut your mouth.

I'm talking about actual personal safety-you know, like staying alive.  

Where are all the "safe space" campus p&ssies now?

American university administrators are culpable in this.

So are donors and especially alumni who do not speak up and reign in the campus brownshirts. 

Guess what? 

There are now official, antisemitic No Go Zones in America.

That's the quaint term (Zones Urbaines Sensibles, or Sensitive Urban Zones), coined by the French to describe local Intifadah hot spots in France.

What will it take to crush these Jew-hating, frothing thugs?

Merely the will.