Monday, May 26, 2014

Steyn: Murder and Motivation

In this thoughtful essay, Mark Steyn describes the murders in America and Europe over the weekend. 

Particularly insightful is his observation about Europe for Jews. A place, as he notes where we see:

"...the constant drumbeat of BDS and "Israeli apartheid", and slavering blood-dripping Jew stereotypes from "liberal" cartoonists, and Holocaust-denying imams, and French headmasters advising Jewish parents to enroll their child under a non-Jewish name, and Danish headmasters advising Jewish parents it would be unsafe to enroll their child at all, and German police advising Jews not to walk the streets with any identifying marks of their faith... Until what's left of Jewish life in Europe is walled up behind the security barricades of their remaining schools and synagogues."

"And without the need for a single neo-Nazi to shave his head and grab his bovver boots..."

Correct, because the 'neo-Nazis' are in flowing black burkahs, kaftans and keffiyehs.