Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Barbarians: Female Genital Mutilation on Girls in Egypt

"Over 90% of women under 50 have experienced it, according to government figures."

"The removal of all or part of the external genitalia is done in the name of promoting chastity. Some parents see it as a religious duty in spite of a ruling against it by one of Egypt's leading Islamic authorities, the Grand Mufti."

"Typically it is carried out on girls aged between nine and 13 but there are victims as young as six, according to campaigners against FGM"

"They say there are even unconfirmed reports of newborns being subjected to it."

"Outside Suhair's modest home, her relatives defended the practice, and insisted no-one was to blame for her death"

"It is God's will," said her grandfather Mohamed al Bataa, a gaunt-faced man wearing a brown gallabeya (traditional floor-length shirt)."

"We are not angry with the doctor. The doctor does not want to kill anyone. We are all sorry, and definitely we regret this."