Friday, May 2, 2014

"Damn Right I Taped Kerry's 'Apartheid' Talk"-With Bonus, Inadvertent Reveal of American VIP Security FAIL

This is good stuff. 

But you know what the extra bonus thing is?

A reveal of how idiotic, stupid and useless American "security" has become.

What a joke. 

It's like the TSA, security kabuki theatre. 

"Friday morning I got a tip from a source that Kerry would be speaking at the Trilateral Commission meeting at the Mandarin Oriental hotel, a luxurious place just far enough away from downtown DC to avoid random foot traffic but still only 10 minutes from my office by taxi. The State Department had disclosed Kerry’s appearance there and marked it “closed press” in their daily scheduling note, but had not disclosed the location. I hopped in a cab."

"I got there early so I parked myself in an empty room near the lobby and finished up another story I was working on. At about 2:30, the time of Kerry’s scheduled remarks, I walked over to the meeting room, walked straight to the front entrance of the room, nodded politely to the staffer at the door (she nodded back) and entered along with dozens of other people who were filing in."

"Nobody ever asked me who I was. I didn’t have a name tag but many of the invited attendees weren’t wearing theirs so nobody thought anything of it. As the approximately 200 attendees got settled in for the Kerry speech, I found a seat in the corner, opened up my laptop, placed my recorder on my lap in plain sight, turned it on, and waited for the fun to begin."

Reminds me of this. 

Pro tip: Hey Mr. John 'Israel Is An Apartheid State" Kerry: 

In Israel, no uninvited journalist would get within a mile of a politician of this, or even lesser rank.


Maybe you should get some security tips from DA JOOOOOOOOOS in DA KNESSET, I think it's the Shabak that deals with VIP protection.

I'm certain they would be delighted to hear from you!

("Call me, never" doesn't really translate from English to Hebrew that well, but you get my drift...)

You're welcome!!!