Thursday, May 1, 2014

Dark Days for America

Sometimes I read things that are so horrifying that they keep me up at night, like stories from the Holocaust, or tragedies involving children.

I pretty much have to skip a lot of news because it upsets me to much. I have enough tough stuff in my life that additional sad things just tip the equilibrium too much into the dark side.

I can't let that happen because I am a life lover, a joy seeker. I am also an unabashed Zionist, a proud Jew and pro-Israel and pro-America. To me Israel and America are sacred things, the realization of dreams and two of the best things that have happened to human beings in human history. If that's corny, I don't really care.

There have been so many moments in the Obama presidency that have kept me up at night. I think it was Caroline Glick that first called the Obama presidency "post-American". And she recently
noted a watershed event, the Obama administration enabling and endorsing a vicious, antisemitic blood libel.

There is an excellent piece here by David Harsanyi about these comments and other anti-Israel, anti-Zionist commentary ("When Does Criticism of Israel Become Antisemitic?"). 

He notes:

"Denying the legitimacy of a Jewish homeland is, I’d argue, a mild form of anti-Semitism. And, call me paranoid, but when someone singles out Israel’s government — the only one with genuine liberal institution in those parts — as a uniquely immoral and racist entity, it makes me wonder."

But back to America's feckless, post-American, despicable, nihilistic, jihad-embracing President. 

His dangerous deference to militant jihad, bowing to foreign leaders, snubbing of Bibi Netanyahu, whitewashing of the Ft. Hood Jihad, abandonment of American soldiers in Afghanistan, lies about health care, loving affiliation with Jew-hating scumbags of all nationalities and professions, and so many other despicable acts have convinced me that he is not just a danger to America, but to the free world in general, and Israel (and thus, Jews all over the world) in particular.

It is my view that a large majority of Americans are willfully ignorant and apathetic about the implications of the White House e-mails on Benghazi. This pains me greatly.

There is quite a bit of commentary running around the internet now, and this piece by Victor Davis Hanson ("The Truth Drips Out") is particularly instructive. Another piece here from Andrew McCarthy at NRO is useful. Jonathan Tobin explains why it still matters.

Sometimes I have a spidey sense about things. Call it intuition, call it Jewlepathy-whatever you want. The fact (and it is a fact) that there is a man in the White House who is the first American President that I believe wants to see America undone. While Jimmy Carter was a destructive, naive leftist, also with underlying anti-Jewish and anti-Israel feelings, I cannot say the same thing about him. Despite his clearly misguided and flawed ways, my sense is that he still believed in American exceptionalism. 

The lies constantly emanating from the White House, the antipathy that President Obama has for Judeo-Christian values, for Israel, for the American Constitution as a whole, for the rule of law, individual rights, freedom of speech, the Second Amendment, to his wanton disrespect for and endangerment of American forces and his own diplomatic staff, indicates a very dangerous man is controlling the highest offices of America.

His loathsome attitudes toward Jews, and Israel-the collective Jew do not bode well for America.

Historically, societies and empires, countries and cultures that have treated "their" Jews badly, with contempt and worse-violence and murder, have not thrived. They end up in the dustbin of history. Flushed down the toilet of human experience. Cultures and empires that have respected Jews have thrived.

America was once like that but things are changing. 

I find it absolutely shocking and disheartening that for crimes of such magnitude, no impeachment process against this despicable man and his corrupt, thug-filled administration has commenced. With the exception of Ted Cruz, there isn't a single voice of leadership. How pathetic.

This President of America consistently trashes the American Constitution, and thus American leadership, exceptionalism and the prosperity of the free world.

He does not value the lives of individual Americans.

He was sworn to uphold the Constitution and cannot be said to have fulfilled this mission. In fact, all of his actions speak to the contrary. He is undoing, "resetting", rebooting, reducto ad irrelevance and impotence.

These are dark and dangerous days indeed for America.

Exit thought:

The Magna Carta is going to be in Boston this summer.

I'd say every American that can, ought to get their ass over to Boston and refresh themselves with the glorious history of the rule of law and liberty revealed in this document and get those notions flowing in their blood streams once again before it's too late.