Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mark Steyn Has Got a Globe-Sized Pair!

As Kathy would say:

"How does he walk???"

In this latest post, Mark Steyn calls Michael Mann a "liar, cheat, falsifier and fraud".

I wonder how he really feels about him? 

He explains:

"...this is a free speech case, and it is for Mann to demonstrate that I don't have the right to call his hockey stick "fraudulent". He can't do that, so I'd win. But it's always fun in a legal battle to have something bigger at stake than a mere victory."

"In Canada, we put the "human rights" system itself on trial, to the point where the disgusting and indefensible "hate speech" law Section 13 was eventually repealed by Parliament. "

"It seems to me that in this particular case the bigger issue is the climate of fear that Mann and his fellow ayatollahs of alarmism have succeeded in imposing on an important scientific field. So we're preparing a full vigorous defense in which an array of witnesses will testify to the fraud necessary to create the hockey stick as global climate icon."

Professor Mann may find himself going down in history as the academic who put the nail into the coffin of the "climate change" research industry.

Steyn again explains it sloooooooooowly: 

"...if you're a younger scientist, you know that, if you cross Mann and the other climate mullahs, there goes tenure, there goes funding, there goes your career: you'll be cut off like Briffa's tree rings."

"I've been stunned to learn of the very real fear of retribution that pervades the climate world. That's why I'm playing this one differently from the Maclean's case: Dr Mann will be on the witness stand under oath, and the lies that went unchallenged in the Big Climate echo chamber will not prove so easy to get away with. I didn't seek this battle with this disreputable man."

"But, when it's over, I hope that those who work in this field will once again be free to go where the science leads.

Someone please order all of the climate change researchers in the world some extra adult diapers and a super-sized Rx of Zanax because they are seriously going to be wetting themselves and rocking themselves to sleep, sucking their thumbs in bed, whilst moaning about the journey down the birth canal when Steyn wins.