Thursday, May 15, 2014

'Never Again' Means Nothing

A very astute piece from Daniel Greenfield. 

The phrase 'Never Again' is meaningless.

The only thing it means, if you think about it, is never again to the Jews ONLY because we have Israel, the IDF and nukes.

This piece is worth a read, it synthesizes a lot of the feelings that us hatey hatey conservatives have about Holocaust "memorials" and pathetic excuses for remembrance.

Basically, the left and the moderately Jew-hating rest of the world have a fetish for dead Jews. They hate the live ones.

So, by occasionally shedding some crocodile tears about the dead ones of the past, they get a free pass to contribute their money, brains, economic, political and philosophical support to the enemies of live Jews whether in Israel or the Diaspora. 

And liberals who just were born Jewish, but their religion is liberalism and utopianism, are a big part of the problem. As Greenfield puts it:

"The leaders of liberal American Jewry have not changed. They continue handing out awards to their friends and providing cover for anti-Semitic liberal politicians. They clink their glasses and toast each other while their brothers burn. And they do it while exploiting the Holocaust."