Thursday, May 8, 2014

Reader Tip: The Story of Leon Frankel and the Founding of the State of Israel

This is a great story from a couple of years back. 

"Leon Frankel thought he was done with the military after flying torpedo bombers in World War II -- and earning a Navy Cross for sinking a Japanese cruiser. In late 1947, he had a good job, plenty of money, plenty of girl friends, and was still flying in the Navy Reserve. Life was good for the kid from St. Paul."

"But then he got that fateful phone call. His services were needed again."

“He said his name was Steve Schwartz, and I didn’t believe it then, and I don’t believe it now. He seemed to know all about me, and I’ve always speculated through the years how he did it. He said I was needed by my people.”

"He told Frankel the fledgling state of Israel need an air force and it needed pilots."

(I think "Steve Schwartz" may have been Teddy Kolleck, as he was very involved in recruiting American Jews and non-Jews, but I have to look that up...)

Thanks to Robert for sending it in.

Do read the whole thing.