Friday, May 9, 2014

Steyn on Benghazi: The Calvary That Never Came

From Mark Steyn, who always knows how to boil things down to the essential truth: 

"Chris Stevens was one of them, a Team Obama loyalist."

"But they abandoned him and dishonored him in death because the President's political needs outweighed his life. "

"The heartlessness of all these caring, compassionate Democrats would impress Putin - if it was ever applied to America's enemies."

(Yeah, like that will ever happen...)

You have to read the whole thing. 

I have always said that much as I adore Steyn's prose, and when I say adore, I of course mean OH MAH GAWD IS THIS GUY SMART, PROPHET-LIKE AND A MENSCH OR WHAT????

Sorry, where was I?

Right. Looooooove SteynProse.

However, there is something about the transcripts of the Hewitt show appearances that I really like, and that's because they are literal transcripts of the conversation.

And there is something really very exciting, perhaps-could one say, moderately arousing, intellectually rigorous and different and 'organic' about the verbal train of thought. 

This is what I mean: 

"And I think the lie is the serious business here."

"When, in free societies, when the government lies to you consciously and deliberately, they’re treating you with contempt."

"So it’s not really a partisan issue, because if you’re a liberal, and you’re a Democrat, and you’re defending the public statements of the Obama administration in the days and weeks after Benghazi happening, including the President’s quite disgraceful speech to the U.N. General Assembly, when he said that the future shall not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam, in other words, he was so wedded to this fake narrative that he was prepared to offer up the 1st Amendment and freedom of speech as a sacrifice to it."

"If you’re a Democrat or you’re a liberal, and you sign onto this, you’re accepting the right of your guys to treat you with contempt, because that’s what they’re doing. When democratic societies, when the leaders of free societies lie to their people, they’re treating their peoples with contempt. They’re treating them as subjects, not citizens."