Thursday, August 6, 2015

New York City Public High School Thinks "The Three Little Pigs" Is Age Appropriate

Public school educators. 

Your moral and intellectual superiors:

"The city DOE said the use of “The Three Little Pigs” at Landmark was a five-minute “Do Now” activity at the start of class to get the juniors settled down and ready to work."

"It was also intended to help the kids consider whether telling the tale from the wolf’s point of view would change the moral of the story, officials said."

These "officials" should have their asses whooped. 

“The purpose was to use a simple, well-known story to support understanding of bias in a college-level text,” Principal Caron Pinkus said in an e-mail.

“After this introduction exercise, students held a discussion about bias and point of view in the college-level texts they were reading.”

This Principal should be out on his butt. FIRED. 

"But Robert Pondiscio, a senior fellow at the Fordham Institute, said, “The Three Little Pigs . . . is simply not a grade-level text, at least no version I’m aware of. Color me skeptical.”