Thursday, August 6, 2015

Mark Steyn: Bakin' Baby Syndrome

Mark Steyn comments on the Mengele-level destruction of human life in America, via "Planned Parenthood". 

I believe he is the only commentator thus far to rightly say "so what", to the argument that any percentage of non-crunchy, well-baked baby murder is alright.


"~After I discussed the matter with Sean Hannity on Fox News last week, I got a barrage of abuse from abortion absolutists with a familiar talking point: abortions are "only three per cent" of what Planned Parenthood does. This statistic is very curiously formulated:
The group said that abortions account for three per cent of the 10.9m services its provides in nearly 700 clinics.
"Even if you know what that actually means, the correct response is: So what? Do American liberals listen to what they're saying: What percentage of a business model does selling baby parts have to be for it to disturb you?"

"Any murderer could make the same defense: Murderers actually spend very little time murdering. For 99.99 per cent of the time Major Hasan was providing psychiatric services to US military personnel, and standing on the table, opening fire and yelling "Allahu Akbar!" was only 0.01 per cent of his business model. So what?"

"That dentist in Minnesota everyone wants to string up: C'mon, give the guy a break. Ninety-seven percent of his time is devoted to cavities and root canals. The lion-killing portion of his schedule is minimal."

"If you were told that the fellow at the convenience store devotes 97 per cent of his time to selling groceries and gasoline but once in a while he likes to go down to the seedy part of town, chop up a hooker and leave the pieces in a trunk at the airport, but don't worry, it's only three per cent of what he does, would you still want to buy a quart of milk from the guy? American liberals say: What's the problem? They're so used to looking the other way, they've immobilized their moral compass."


"~But then the self-absorbed hedonism of modern western life necessarily requires desensitization. Bloomberg reports an ISIS "sex slave" price list acquired in Iraq by UN official Zainab Bangura: A woman over 40 will set you back a mere 41 bucks, but if you prefer a girl aged nine or under - and who doesn't? - the price rises to $165. As Laura Rosen Cohen points out, this is the real "war on women". But nobody cares - because to care, seriously, either about an infanticide-industrial complex or nine-year-old sex-slaves in an American protectorate, would ask something of us. And to ask something - anything - more than a supportive hashtag is too much."


*Mark-we just cannot go on meeting like this, only "getting together" to discuss baby murders. OY VEY, I'M SO DEPRESSED ALREADY...GOOD GRIEF EVERYTHING IS SO GLECHHHHHH*

*Dr. Laura prescribes taking two People magazines with (dry) Red Wine Therapy on a full stomach (sushi always nice), taken liberally with Show Tunes and calling me in the morning...*