Thursday, August 6, 2015

Thursday Link Dump! The World According to Me!

Me me me!

VERY BUSY BLAH BLAH BLAH, lots to do, but always time for interesting articles, and sharing is caring, right?!?!

So, here's a random sampling of doom and gloom and other stuff I find interesting and cool from the four corners of the world.

Cool-ancient Mikvah found in Jerusalem. 

And, the most ancient scroll since the Dead Sea Scrolls has been found and deciphered in Israel. 

From our 'I hate it when that happens file':

Joe Jackson strokes out in Brazil after popping mucho Viagra and trying to bonk too many young ladies at a time. Hey, nobody's perfect, am I right?!?!

New York City mayor: a fictitious creation, good one on The Politics of Delusion from City Journal.

"To call de Blasio a self-made man would be a charitable way of putting it. More accurately, he is a made-up man. Born Warren Wilhelm, Jr., he painfully watched his Loomis- and Yale-educated war-hero father decline into anger, depression, and drunkenness after he lost his federal budget-analyst job in the wake of a congressional probe into his and his wife’s left-wing politics."

From our "fake hate crimes" file: After falsely accusing their neighbour of being a rednecked homophobe, two Tennessee Lesbaneses have been found out for defacing and burning their own house down to get "hate crime" insurance pay off.

Public School Educators (fire them all): 8th grade teacher in Arizona assigns vulgar, violent, profanity-laced gangster rap as poetry assignment.

Palestinian discusses the difference between Jews and Palestinians when it comes to the murder of innocents: 

"We have failed to educate our people on the principles of tolerance and peace. Instead, we continue to condone and applaud terrorism, especially when it is directed against Jews. We want the whole world to condemn terrorism only when it claims the lives of Palestinians. We have reached a point where many of us are either afraid to speak out against terrorism or simply accept it when it claims the lives of Jews."

"The Israeli president has good reason to be ashamed for the murder of the baby. But when will we Palestinians ever have a sense of shame over the way we are reacting to the murder of Jews? When will we stop glorifying terrorists, and naming streets and public squares after them, instead of strongly denouncing them and expelling them from our society? We still have a lot to learn from Israeli leaders and the Israeli public."