Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Could Everyone Please Lighten the F&ck Up?

This is funny. 

A dog giving a Hitler salute is funny.

You stupid lefties, and stupid Jewish organizations force me into defending Hitler Fido and his owner.

Do you actually understand how stupid and humourless you are????

Have you imbeciles ever heard of jihad? Anything?

It is ridiculous and obscene that the Nazi Dog video needs this warning: 


Why aren't all the official Jews and the Internet Humour Mutawa going after the actual Nazis-you know, the ones who get all stabby all over the place. Do the beheading videos get this kind of warning? How about all the actual kill-the-Jews videos? 

The more I watch this the harder I laugh. 

In fact, for me the message is how trainable animals are, and how trainable the Nazis and the ordinary Germans were. Like this dog, they followed orders, happily wagging their tails for a little praise here and there from Herr Hitler. 

Sorry, morose, irony-challenged lefties and Jewish companions, this is funny stuff. 

It is outrageous that someone has been arrested for something this silly, the world has gone mad and officialdom is just barking up the wrong tree here. 

Sig Arf!