Friday, May 20, 2016

Prime Minister Selfie Has A Full Blown Temper Tantrum in Parliament

Just getting caught up on the news.

What a disgrace. 

Liberals are thugs. What a disgusting bully.

What. A. Dick.

"When leaders start to believe that they don’t have to respect or tolerate the politicians on the other side, bad things happen"

"For all the talk about the need for a new civility in Parliament, there has been little in evidence since the election of the Liberals, and this week was hitting new lows before the PM decided to take it down a rung. Physically grabbing your opponents is the opposite of respect, and while it’s clear that Mr. Trudeau lost his temper, other people lose their tempers all the time in public life and don’t resort to using anything more forceful than words. It suggests that the PM’s post-partisanship may actually be less tolerant of dissent than the old partisanship."
Even the Globe & Mail is breaking up with Prime Minister Hairdo.

It's just super uber delicious that the first "feminist" Prime Minister, "because it's 2015" would be manhandling his colleagues and making female MK's feel unsafe?

And don't look at me: I didn't vote for him.