Thursday, May 5, 2016

Niall Ferguson: "The Resurfacing of Antisemitism in Britain"

This is an excellent essay from Niall Ferguson, who has the moral fortitude to actually name the new, current axis of Jew-hating evil in the world: the political left with radical Islam. 


I also quite like the lede-very few writers nowadays would dare start an essay in this way.

I salute Professor Ferguson, this essay and his forthright, unapologetic first sentence. 

This is one to remember. This is how it's done:

"I am a philo-Semite."

"The disproportionate Jewish contribution to Western civilization — not least to science and the arts — is one of the most astonishing achievements of modern history. I am also an anti-anti-Semite. The murder and mayhem perpetrated by anti-Semites throughout history, above all in the 20th century, deserves its special place in the annals of infamy."

You must read the whole thing, but especially this, his conclusion, which is the "real" issue underlying the current wave of Jew-hate in the formerly Great Britain:

"...the real issue is Labour’s dangerous flirtation with a new and very different generation of anti-Semites. Trotskyists and Islamists make strange bedfellows, to be sure. But perhaps only slightly stranger than the anti-Marxists and German racial theorists who together created National Socialism."