Monday, May 23, 2016

Doron Almog Wins the Israel Prize

I read everything that Doron Almog writes, but I couldn't listen to a recent radio show where he talked about his son through music. The songs were so poignant, so sad, that I couldn't get through them.

There are so many Israeli families who withstand tragedy after tragedy, and I don't know where they get the strength to go on. There is the Ramon family who lost their father Ilan in the shuttle explosion and then the son Asaf in an airforce accident. There is the Peretz family (along with many others) that lost two sons in battle. And these families, with holes in their hearts, go on to do great things, to inspire others, and most miraculously and counterintuitively, comfort others.

Please read the whole thing. 

"Throughout his life, Eran never spoke a single word. He never called Didi “Ima,” he never called me “Abba.” Yet even so, he was the greatest teacher of my life."