Thursday, May 5, 2016

Holocaust Memorial Day

I find most of the articles too upsetting to re-read and post, and I've read dozens and dozens over the past day and watched lots of video clips. The ones that comfort me the most though are the stories of Holocaust survivors and their IDF soldier grandchildren or the great-grandparents and their great-grandchildren. 

This video made me cry. 

But I really liked this article for a number of reasons.

"Holocaust survivor and IDF officer grandson activate country-wide siren." 

I like Holocaust articles when they discuss the defiance of the Jewish nation and spirit, the commitment to life and the rejection of the cult of death. We say "to life", "l'chaim" for a reason.

The Holocaust is not a religion.

Judaism is our religion and our way of life.

You cannot believe in the G-d of Israel and be more committed to death than life.

It just doesn't work that way.

I liked this article also: "Offspring of Wehrmacht soldiers now Jewish and serving in the IDF"  (

I don't like the bit about kids teasing him for being German-that's despicable.) This story is a real 'fuck you' to antisemites. I like it.

I must also confess that Israel has made me very proud over the past few days, but it also broke my heart a little bit today with this disgusting story that shows just how much the left has infiltrated the highest ranks of the IDF and Israeli society. 

Any Jew, in an IDF uniform who compares Jews to Nazis on Holocaust Memorial Day is a disgrace and should be dismissed from the army. This is a disgusting human that the Defence Minister is backing (of course-because he's also backing prosecuting the soldier who killed a terrorist).

The backlash has been too great not to offer a 'sorry not sorry clarification', but that is bullshit.  We are asked to consider "context".

Well in what "context" is the IDF soldier saying Jews = Nazis acceptable?

Answer: ZERO and/or BOG OFF.

A heartbreaking episode for me personally courtesy of this insidious person, this Yair Golan. Just disgusting.

A real "lesson" of the Holocaust remains that defenceless Jews cannot survive for long. 

That's really all I can say right now.

The rest is too upsetting.