Friday, May 20, 2016

How About Preventing This Barbarism Instead, You Assholes

"WHO launches first guidelines for treating FGM." 

You know, I've had it UP TO HERE with 'treating' victims of this barbarity, and funding "de-radicalization" programs for Muslim immigrants, etc..

I am sick and tired of "preventing" and "fixing" all of the problems that we would never have in the West if there weren't increasingly larger numbers of radical and extremely belligerent and hostile, jihad-oriented Islamic communities setting up shop here at the express invitation of suicidal liberals.

I am tired of band-aids, and I don't want to fix these people. I don't want to fix their beliefs, their schools, their houses of worship, their gender structures, their social norms, their attitudes toward anything (like gays and JOOOOOOOOOOZZZ) and certainly not their genitals.

I am not a social worker. 

These people need to bloody well fix themselves. 

Prevention (and when I say prevention, I mean limiting the immigration of these troubled souls to the West) is worth a pound of these useless, bleeding heart, dhimmi, supine and submissive "cures".

The best we can hope for is a leader who will at the very least subscribe to a position of containment-that is to say containing the damage already wrought.