Friday, May 13, 2016

The Power Struggle Between the Left and Islam Is Beginning

There is a very clear love affair going on between the political left and Islam.

But the political left has met its match in Islam. 

The political right is full of pushovers. We're too polite, we don't play by their rules. So we lose most battles, and we've lost the public sphere.  We've lost the arts, culture, academia, the judiciary, and the public school system.  We are exhausted from fighting for our liberty, and we must continually expend all of our remaining strength to protect our private sphere where we can exert the most control. And that's where the left is ever more relentless.

So left versus right is a bit of an unfair battle when it comes to tactics and therefore, odds. Because we don't stoop to their thuggish, lying, violent ways, we lose. Yes, we "win" in the sense that we follow a Western, moral code and therefore have better lives. We have better, more joyful lives because we are following the best blueprint known to mankind.

The left and Islam have much in common, including their abject nihilism. So for now, they are "getting along" even though they are very strange bedfellows indeed. Oh sure, they have Jew-hatred in common and a common loathing of the West and individual rights and liberty, but, the left has not figured yet out that sharia trumps all of the pet projects of the political left. 

Either that or they are sending up the white flag. They are not virtue-signalling so much as submission-signalling.

Islam is more dedicated to power than the political left.

When push comes to shove, it is the left that will fold and not Islam. 

I normally love being right, but I hate being right about this.

I'd (almost) love to be wrong about this.

If I'm wrong, we will soon see a plethora of transgendered washrooms in Western mosques.

If I'm right, we will soon see a plethora of leftists publicly, vocally and willingly "reverting".