Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Playing the "Mental Illness" Card On Behalf of Terrorists

It's either "mental illness" or "lone wolf".

But lone wolf only applies to Muslims. If it's a Christian "lone wolf" then it's not a lone wolf, but rather part of a large, well-funded and organized community.

"Ideas and behaviors associated with mental illness in the West are mainstream in parts of the Muslim world which exist in a pre-rational medieval universe brimming with conspiracy theories, paranoid delusions, lack of personal responsibility, erratic emotions and an inability to apply reason to reality."

"Western psychiatric benchmarks don’t mean much in the Muslim world where witchcraft is a major problem, Jewish conspiracy theories abound and genies are responsible for psychiatric problems. Killing your daughter or just non-Muslims in general is socially approved behavior. The Muslim world has fundamentally different social norms than we do. And that means very different concepts of sanity."

"Misattributing Muslim terrorism to madness is convenient, but meaningless. It’s a way for us to avoid dealing with the difficult questions posed by Islam. And that avoidance is also a form of insanity."

Let's also not forget are misunderstanders of their very own religion: of their very own blueprint and yes-I've read the book, and it was a struggle, a real kampf if you get my meaning.

They say "we will slaughter you with glee and drink your blood", but from that we must run the text through the Jihadi-to-English Bleeding Heart Dhimmi Translation Machine and get "let's take ballroom dancing lessons together after we make shishklik and sweet mint tea together and go to the book club at the library".

Furthermore: if a dastardly Jew does something blasphemous, like wanting to actually LIVE and BREATHE and refuses to roll over and die or get murdered, if a Jew shoots back, if a Jew kills one who comes to kill him, then the Jew must be condemned, and most especially all the uppity, yucky Jews of Israel who dare have an army and lots of ammunition, tanks, fighter jets and their very own Macabee secret services. How dare those uppity Jews refuse to let a second Holocaust happen.

"Never Again" is really bullshit and it always was. It never meant "we, the world" will never let that happen again. That was luftmenschy stupid Jew-thinking. Lefty dummy imbeciles.

What it means is because there is Israel, and because there is an IDF, there will 'never again' be a second chance for the rotten, evil, current batch of jihadi, Jew-hating Nazis and all their spiritual heirs and cheerleaders (I SEE YOU) to ever have a chance to murder us Jews, on that scale ever again.