Tuesday, May 10, 2016

'Political Leftism Is More Dangerous To Jews Than Palestinian Nationalism'

An Israeli Arab woman I know said that recently, and her argument is compelling. She said the problem in Israel is not the Palestinians, and it's not the Israeli Arabs. The problem, she says, is the Israeli left. Fix the problem with the Israeli left and you fix the "Israeli-Palestinian" problem (which is actually more the Islam-Jewish problem).

Israeli leftists are a despicable and disgusting lot. 

"Israel’s political elites, like their Western counterparts, take pride only in their shame. They know that Israel is a sick society and that Jews are terrible people. And they know that this makes them superior to the rabble, the cockroaches, blacks, parasites, prostitutes and other affectionate slurs that they bestow on the rest of the country. Like many liberal elites, they take pride in their contempt for ordinary people."

"The elites think of the ordinary Israelis who just want to live in their own country without being shot, stabbed, bombed, barraged with rocks or forced to run to bomb shelters as Nazis. Meanwhile ordinary Israelis view the entitled elites who lecture them from presidential forums and prestigious columns as an undemocratic cartel abusing the privileges that they earned with their last names."

"Israel isn’t sick. But its elites are. Israel isn’t turning undemocratic or fascist. But its elites are undemocratic and totalitarian. Their accusations of fascism mask their casual willingness to censor, suppress and silence dissenting views. Like all oppressive systems at odds with the people they rule over, they are playing a totalitarian game that they are bound to lose. And they know it."

"Their bitterness and hate is an acknowledgement that their dream of running everything their way is dying. They have no path toward victory. There is nothing waiting for them except oblivion."
And they can never be shamed because you can't shame the shameless.

The truth is irrelevant to the left.

Here is the truth.

“I was a victim of the cruelty of doctors in Germany, among them [Josef] Mengele,” the notorious SS officer and physician at Auschwitz who committed gruesome medical experiments on Jews. “This winter, I was hospitalized at the Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem and witnessed the unwavering and humane attitude of Jewish doctors towards everyone, including a [Palestinian] terrorist who lay in the bed next to mine.”